Polyoxymethylene Dimethyl Ethers XD-S320


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Polyoxymethylene dimethyl ethers (PODEn or DMMn) are a class of chemical compounds with the molecular formula CH3O(CH2O)nCH3 where n is typically about 3 to 8.PODEn, which can be obtained from methanol in a process chain,has the advantages of extremely low sulfur content and zero arene content.DMM3-8 is recognized as a new diesel additive component, which can greatly improve the combustion efficiency of diesel and reduce the emission of pollutants. At the same time when n=2-5,DMMn is a new aromatic free green solvent. Therefore, as environmental protection plays an increasingly important role in development, the development of clean energy DMMn products has been widely concerned by scholars.

Sichuan Xinda adopts the innovative and high technology with independent intellectual property rights which has been developed successfully by Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences for many years.It invested more than 700 million RMB to build the world's first "Annual Output of 50,000 tons of Polyoxymethylene Dimethyl Ethers" industrialization demonstration plant.

By now,we have three types DMMn product, DMM2(XD-S100) and DMM3-5(XD-S240) and DMM3-8(XD-S320).In future,we will introduce more DMMn product to the market soon,such as DMM3 and DMM4-5 etc.


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Polyoxymethylene Dimethyl Ethers XD-S320

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CAS.NO 2560590-31-8 Chemical Formula CH3O(CH2O)nCH3 (n=3-8)
Boiling Point 
Specification Q/XD1001-2016 Molecular Weight 136-286
Flash Point 
(Closed Cup)


Typical Physical Properties:
Property Value
Appearance & Odor:
Colorless and transparent liquid 
with slight ether odor
Purity(wt%): ≥99
Chromatic Value (Hazen Pt-Co): 30
Liquid Density(g/cm3): 1.045-1.065
Cetane Index: ≥72
Oxygen Content(%): >45
Acidity(KOH)(mg/100ml): ≤7
Freezing Point(℃): <-10
Water Content(wt%): ≤ 0.1


Package & Storage: Transportation Hazardous Characteristics
Available in air-tight stainless steel/metal drums or storage tanks with at least 5% interspace. Keep at not lower than -30℃. Keep away from open fires, high temperatures and heat sources.
Refer to the transportation provisions for hazardous chemicals.
Flammable liquid whose vapor can form an explosive mixture with air. In case of open fire and high heat, it causes combustion and explosion. It reacts strongly with oxidants.


1.High Flash Point and Mild Odor 2.High Cetane Index 3.Low Viscosity and Excellent Lubricating Property
Being safe in storage and usage, no pollution, non-HAP (harmful air pollutants) It has a cetane index up to 72, and blending with low cetane index paraffin causes a positive harmonic effect, improving (and improves)the antiknock property of diesel oil. Every 3% increase in national standard diesel can increase its cetane index by 1 unit. Being added and blended properly, the lubricating property of diesel is significantly improved. It can replace anti-wear additive for diesel and solve the problem of poor lubricating property of low sulfur diesel.
4.Outstanding Environmental Performance 5.High Oxygen Content 6.No Sulfur, No Aromatics
It can significant reduce exhaust emissions. Smoke emissions can be reduced up to 95%, CO and HC emissions up to 25% and NOx emission is significantly reduced. Overall emissions are reduced by more than 30%. It helps full combustion in engines, improving the pressure rise rate and combustion heat release rate in the cylinder, thus improving the combustion temperature in the cylinder and reducing the combustion duration. It can solve the problem of oxygen shortage and power shortage in plateau area Since the sulfur content of Euro VI diesel is required to be less than 10ppm and the total content of PAHs not more than 7%, the addition of XD-S320 can provide strong support for upgrading.


1.Being added in diesel in order to reduce exhaust emission.
2.Being added in other solvents or fuel.


24 months.


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